Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pirates, Zombies & Santa... Happy Holidays!

Let the posting BEGIN!! It certainly has been awhile since I posted anything, so I figured I'd get rid of all the old stuff and start afresh. So this somewhat is 'doodle dump numero uno.' I'm really looking forward to this upcoming new year & posting way, way more.

I wanted to send a fun card for one of my oldest & dearest friends, E, on her Birthday this past November. For some reason 'pirates!' came to mind, so I did a sketch of her, her hubby & little baby B as the Dread Pirate Bratcher Family.

Drawing the Bratcher family is always fun, I think this is the third image I've done of them and it certainly won't be the last.

My goal for the past few Holiday seasons has also been to send out my own handcrafted holiday cards. Originally I wanted to make a few and send out a variety of cards, but I only had time for two.

My boyfriend was pretty excited about this and asked if he could give me the design idea for one of the cards & then I could mock it up. First came the sketches...

SANTA FIGHTING ZOMBIE INVASION! The left side are a few of my interpretations of his idea (rockin' Santa head there on the bottom right is his), and then on the right is basically all him (minus the Santa & buxom babe on the top right that I drew.) We had a lot of fun discussing this card. And then here's the final version:

Back note on the card: Spreading Peace on Earth... One Zombie-Kill at a Time. Happy Holidays!

Last but not least, my other Christmas card that features Santa & a near-sighted little French Bulldog:
And then the back of the card:

So with that said... Happy, happy Holidays everyone! Have a wonderful rest of your season & here's to an amazing upcoming 2012.