Friday, August 9, 2013

Right near da beach BOYEEEE

Man do I love the shore.  Spent great time with family, ran on the beach a lot, got to see wonderful family friends, surfed (and fell down) a whole bunch, ate delicious food, hit up all our favorite Sea Isle/Ocean City/Stone Harbor spots, did early AM yoga one day right on the beach to welcome the DAYYY AH!  it was all so nice.  Plus, it was my niece's first time there!  She was so cute and will definitely be a little beach baby - she loved the water! 

Throughout the week I also had a great time sketching (and attempting watercolors)...

We also had an 'Italy Day' where my brother-in-law made an amazing ragu, my sister made homemade pasta, and we all put together a great antipasto spread.  And drank WINE!  And watched the Godfather.  If it had been sunny that day, we would have played bocce.  All very fitting for the Jersey Shore.

Last of all, some sketches from the movie 'Gladiator', it was on the tube our first night at the shore.  You'll also see a couple in there of our slug dog, Linus, who was pooped and fell asleep.

Till next time Sea Isle!!!