Friday, June 21, 2013


Today's theme: Zombies, to pay homage to World War Z coming out.

(Although I'm not really sure if I'll see it in theaters... I know it's nothing like the book so I should just expect it to be a new zombie flick.  But man that book was so great.  I also can't get over the fact how CGI the zombies look and how fast they run.  Who knows... maybe I'm mistaken?  Maybe the movie will be awesome!  Maybe Brad Pitt saves it all with his rugged good looks and flowing mane of hair.)

Anyway, this happened to me at work recently.  I was eating a grapefruit, digging at it with my teeth, and it was getting everywhere.  At one point I thought to myself, "I'll bet this is what it feels like if you were a zombie."

(Originally I had this laid out horizontally & blogger either made it tiny or huge... I'm not sure if this is any better though. Blast!  BLAST BLOGGER!)

I had started to tell Mr Daniel Seddon about this grapefruit zombie idea & how I wanted to draw it with no panels like Calvin & Hobbes dancing, and he thought at first I was talking about dancing zombies.  Which just sounded like fun, so I drew those too.  SWING DANCING ZOMBIES!

And finally, on a non-zombie related note, last week was officially the 20th Anniversary of Jurassic Park!!!  There will be more on my love for that movie later, but for now, here is Samuel L. to send you off on a happy Friday & great first day of summer!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bike to Babycakes

I'd say about a month ago, I bought a used beach cruiser bike on Craigslist.  Red, Schwinn, working breaks and only minimal dents!  I love this thing.  Lately I've found that I'll pack up all my gear and head down...

TO THE BAKERY!!!  Babycakes is an amazing vegan bakery spot down on the Lower East Side.  

Here is a map of my journey.

They don't seem to mind (or at least if they do, they don't show it) that I come in extremely sweaty and proceed to cool off/eat my freshly bought baked goods right there.

The last weekend I went it was gorgeous out, extremely sunny and hot - everyone was outside.  I brought my watercolors with me & attempted a painting along the East River...

Awesome thing about sketching outside when it's so nice is that you can hide behind your shades.  People don't know you're staring at them!  Sketching!  Watching.  STARING. 

But then it means you go home like this...

Sunburn city.

Also, I'm really looking forward to seeing 'Man of Steel' on Friday.  Michael Shannon as General Zod?!  GAH!!!  I can't wait to see how he handles the role.  I was watching 'Take Shelter' recently and did some roughs of him, Jessica Chastain, and a doc.  Ok basically roughs of mostly Michael Shannon.  That movie is such a fantastic one.  Is he crazy?  Nobody knows... 

 "There's a STORM COMING like NOTHING you've EVER SEEN"