Thursday, December 13, 2012

A bit giffy

Here is my first foray in to the world of animated gifs!!  My most recent assignment in the graphic design class I'm taking at SVA was to come up with a concept for a dream you had.  I roughed a page detailing a dream, almost like a sequential story, but it just wasn't clicking.  

Then I remembered one of my favorite dreams, where I was tap dancing like Gene Kelly.  Drew up a concept, chatted with the professor, and then we decided I'd try creating a gif! This was based on Singin' in the Rain when the three of them (Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds & Donald O'Connor) are walking along, so I knew I wanted to make it a bit of a jaunty walk.  It was also inspired by the ever talented & master of gifs, Anthony Holden!  Mine is quite choppy but it was great practice.  Imagine the tune 'doo doo doot doot do dah doo doo doot doot... I'm siiiingin' in the raaain...'