Monday, January 23, 2012

Jekyll, Hyde, and a whole lotta shapes a-goin' on

It's crazy, you blink and the month is already almost over! Here's a bit of a doodle dump from my character design class. It has been a lot of fun, right now the goal is to really work on basics & stick to finding fun and interesting shapes. So read on, lovely blog reader! Read onnnn. And feast your eyes on some sketches!

One of our ongoing assignments is to work on our own versions of Jekyll & Hyde. Originally, I was thinking of having my Jekyll & Hyde be a 1920's Jungle Explorer turned Monster due to downing a Witchdoctor's potion. Here are a few shape ideas for those characters:

But then while listening to music (the 'Drive' soundtrack = great tunes to draw to), an idea came to me. What if my character was from the Vaudeville era! And wants to DANCE. So I thought of Jekyll being a Vaudeville theater's janitor, a very small but stocky man of about 4'0, who perhaps has scoliosis. He's loved by all at the theater community, is a little shy, and his dream is to dance. One night he falls in to his cleaning solution and turns in to Hyde: a tall, graceful & beautiful dancer. It's his dream come true... except for one thing: Hyde has a nasty jealous, dark side to him. He must be #1. Jekyll comes back around to find that one of his dancer friends has been murdered... Was it Hyde?! To his dismay... yes.

A few shape ides for the Vaudeville Jekyll/Hyde:

And then further exploration below:

I'd like to explore Jekyll a bit more, I don't quite feel as if I've gotten him yet. We shall see.

Last but not least! An exercise in caricature:

(We were to draw the image of the bowler hat man realistically and then caricature his face, focusing on making it a type of circle, square or triangle.)

& quick doodles - emotions, stuff I did during the day:

More to come! There are some awesome projects that I want to finish before Feb 1st rolls around & I can't wait to share them with you.

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Evan B said...

KT! Your sketches are so good! Love checking out what you've got going on :)