Friday, October 19, 2012

Art dump!!

Happy October!  Alright, this post is just a whole random assortment of things. 

The studio is expanding, which means we now have an official ART GALLERY space!  I contributed this to the show (please excuse my poor photography skills):

"Weirdos who Rocked the World"
(4x4 canvases : collage, acrylic, spray paint)

Can you tell who's on there??  I won't make you guess.  It's Chuck Berry, Lucille Ball, Howard Hughes, and the one and only Jim Henson with his pal Kermit.  I had a blast making the stencils and seeing what would happen when I spray painted them.  Thank you all who made suggestions of weirdos!  The show itself was fantastic and really beautiful, so many talented people here.

Coming up so very soon is Halloween, one of my favorite holidays & one that is big here at work.  I made these Save the Dates for our costume competition and kids trick or treat:


 (Does this look familiar?  Thank you, Children of the Corn!)

Some noodes...

Random sketches...

I need to draw more noodes & people.  New York is the best for people watching.

And now for some very exciting news...

My sister & her husband are having a baby!!!  BUMP WATCH!  Little Biscuit is due in January and we all are over the moon for them.  My sister is my best friend & she has such a wonderful husband, I can't wait to meet their daughter.  They're going to be amazing parents!! 

That's all for now folks.  Happy happy Friday!     

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