Monday, March 4, 2013

Testing, 1... 2...

So 2013 kicked in and somehow, it's already March.  I hope you all have had a great new year so far!  It's still pretty cold in NYC, which luckily means I get a little more use out of my fireplace before it gets too warm!  I can't wait for nice weather to be back and the sun to shine longer.

I started an Animation class in late January and have been really enjoying it.  The first half is focused on traditional 2D animation and the second half we've been playing around with After Effects and TV Paint.  It's so much fun!!  I look forward to class each week.

Here's my first "bouncing ball" test:

As I was waiting for the professor to come around, I drew in those little tests below the ball.  Yes that is a guy shaking his butt, those are not wings.  You can tell by his whistling that he is a very happy little butt-shakin' man.

And then here's a test of a ballerina.  I hope this works!  This was rotoscope (drawing right on top of the frames), I loved adding in the color on top.

Next up: making walk cycles, more tests, and finally getting the groundwork going to create my own animated short.  The seed of an idea for a short came around 3 years ago, and I've been plotting and planning ever since. 

Happy Monday!


Dan Seddon said...


Anonymous said...

very nice animation test

Margaret said...

omg the ballerina is sooooo good! i love the little guy shakin' his booty, too! go kt!

T.J. Sherman said...

I love both of the animations. I would love to see a short.

If you ever need a deep ominous voice, let me know. Barry White has nothing on me!